A day in a new place starts with checking out the downtown area. Here at Park City Main Street is a cute collection of shops and restaurants multistory buildings that sit in the side of the mountains. There are lights strung across the streets and great sidewalks for all the strolling you want to do.

Main Street Park City Utah

There are tons of galleries that range from paintings to sculptures. One that caught my eye was Tresor Du Monde. The front window had a T Rex fossil head! This is my oldest son’s favorite dinosaur and had me walking in.

T Rex Fossil and yes they have the entire skeleton that will be donated to the university!

The no brainer to walk into the store that had a dinosaur in the window led to some of the most inspiring pieces. The entire store was filled the most fantastic items I had ever seen. And they were all made by nature. Everything from fossils to crystals and gemstones created the most beautiful tables, lights and artwork.

Geode Cocktail Table
Multi Level Geode Side Table
Quartz Crystal and Iron Floor Lamp

The quartz pieces were just to die for and were huge! All of the iron bases are handmade by artisans specifically for each crystal.

Quartz Crystal

This piece stands about 4 feet tall and has the most amazing energy about it. If you have been reading my blog over the years you know that quartz is a healing crystal and clears the mind. Talk about crazy healing power with this one!

Giant Ammonite Fossil

How about this giant ammonite!?! These sea creatures lived 240 million years ago and were once the most abundant sea animals. Picture this with what looks like a giant octopus coming out of it.

Fossils and Amethyst

Check out these amazing pieces of art made from fish and plant fossils. And yes those are giant amethysts next to them. I am so in love with all of these pieces as I can see them going in so many different styles of homes. They fit beautifully in our high ceiling open floor plan houses. Whether you like traditional or contemporary design the versatility is perfect.

Gemstone Artwork

They also have these amazing pieces of art made by an artist named Zee that are gemstones in copper and are lit from behind. They take up an entire wall and set the mood for any space. I see these working in everything from a five star restaurant to a contemporary beach house.

I am so excited to have a new source for unique art and sculptural pieces. Check out this wood sculpture!

Custom Wood Sculpture

Meeting the owner and this fantastic family was such a highlight! I am so excited to see what project will be the first that we get to one of their amazing pieces! Finding new places was always my favorite thing about market and for years I got so stuck on having to find places only at market that I can’t believe I missed great places like this family owned business. Oh and I of course had to find just the right pieces for the kids to bring back. So I will be coming home with Mosasaur tooth, a megalodon tooth and a heat shaped solid pyrite for the kids. Don’t know what a Mosasaur is (neither did I ) but check out this cool dinosaur.

This aquatic sea reptile lived 60-80 million years ago and it’s name means lizard of the Meuse river and I was lucky enough to be in the shop while they were unboxing these fossils! There might be a fight between the boys over these teeth! Finding inspiration and getting so excited to get back and design some amazing spaces!

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