Did you watch last night? Were you in love with this fun family that was clearing a jungle lot to build their dream home for their family? Want to know more about the process and how it all came together? Well let’s talk about this fantastic home.

The first step is getting all the background information on the homeowner. Watching videos to get to know them and asking questions of the builder to find out all about their budgets and style. This means lost of research and meetings to make sure I have all the right information. Then I get to work pulling samples and putting together three different options to be presented to the homeowner. Here is the set up getting ready for Jaclyn and Jon to see the selections.

Once we have everything selected it is time to talk about special projects and what we will be doing for the homeowner. For this house the very first thing that came to mind was to create a living wall. For Jon being a chef I couldn’t think of anything better than being able to grab the freshest herbs while cooking. I am in love with live plants in homes. If you have been reading this blog you know that. So I was adamant that we really needed to do this for this family. Besides making it easier for cooking it also was going to be a great way to help keep the air cleaner which is so important with a new baby. Ok it is important no matter who is living in the house. Adding design harmony to a space is essential! Thankfully the network and producers agreed with me and I got the green light to get the process started. Luckily as I got into the project we found that it didn’t cost as much as the original quote so we had more money for other gifts for Jaclyn and Jon. Which meant I got to work with Moe to design and create a raised bed garden along with hand-making a beautiful crown for the baby’s crib.

Now it was time to start planning the furniture layouts and what would be needed for the home.

This is the starting point. It is a fluid design as we have 24-48 hours to completely furnish the home. So this is how we start the shopping and selecting of the items. I put these together for each house that we do. Working with a stager has been so helpful so that I don’t have to completely empty my showroom and warehouses and have more options available.

Here is how it all came together! This beautiful painting behind the sofa and the gerber daisies were the inspiration for the entire color palette. And one of my favorite decorations are family pictures. Adding them to this home was extra special as it brought tears to their eyes at the reveal.

Do you absolutely love it? We had a great time designing and creating this home for Jaclyn, Jon and their growing family! Want to make your home your “dream home” we can help. Whether you are local or not we have an option including online plans and consultations. I want to help you to “love the space you’re in.”

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