So the season finale just aired Sunday night and I have yet to catch everyone up on the house from the two weeks before. I am sorry as many of us have been trying to figure out this whole quarantine and how to work through the process of moving work and schools to home I will admit I had that same issue. So I am promising to do multiple blog posts this week so that by the end of the week you will be caught up on the houses from 100 Day Dream Home and know what we are doing at Artful Conceptions.

So let’s get into house number 3 for the super sweet DeAnn. As a single woman who has a great career and a vision for her life it was super important to create a “Queendom” for her. She needed a space that was completely hers and allowed her to not only function but be able to thrive. She is a physical therapist so a safe home was super important. She loves to craft and her family and friends are a must have in her life. With those things in mind we went to work to create a beautiful, functional space that she could live, work, entertain and eventually raise children in. We also knew that she needed to be able to be creative and her crafting was a high priority. She had been using a tv tray in her parents home before this. DeAnn also loves the time that she spent in Montana and wanted to incorporate those elements into her house.

Enter my team and how we addressed all of these needs and wants. First, I brought in the fantastic team from Naffco to do the flooring, tile and carpet. They have so many great selections all in one place that it was fantastic to be able to get many of the selections done in one meeting. We found a great tile for the decorative elements that felt like a geode and reminded DeAnn of Montana. We also found this amazing dolomite stone for the countertop. Combining these elements really gave me the perfect direction for the home. Check out this great kitchen, it is so light and airy.

In the “Queendom” we needed to make sure that it was soft and inviting while combining all of the functional needs that DeAnn had expressed. We also wanted to give her some drama and mixed in a fantastic wallpaper that is a deep green with texture to feel like banana leaves and highlighted with a gold leaf touch. The mix between soft, airy and passionate drama is where this house came to life.

For DeAnn we also needed to give her a space to craft and be creative. This was a fun surprise and I was so happy to be able to bring in my guys from ClosetArt to create the perfect craft room. And I got to shop may heart out at the craft stores to stock the craft room!

We cannot forget the outside as we wanted to make sure that DeAnn had a great place to sit and enjoy her backyard.

I love how we were able to mix together the client’s needs with a fun look. Each house we do as in alignment with my design philosophy is all about the client. So many times in design people forget about who they are designing for and only concentrate on making themselves look good. This is the biggest injustice in design and I love that I work with a team that follows my philosophy and truly cares about each client. And I am completely using the word “Queendom” for all of my amazing, driven women clients!

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