I know that I am not the only one working from home at this time. So I thought I would update everyone on all that we can still do from home. We have full design capability from our home office. In fact here is my morning view.

I love the light in my home office! It is such a great place to design and it is so full of this beautiful light throughout the day. I love the morning with my cup of coffee, and I am completely rocking the fantastic mug that my daughter got me this past holiday!

I have added lots of new great items to the online store. Check out the fantastic pillows, throws and artwork that are all new today!

There are great options for online design services. We video conference with you, teach you how to measure your room, take pictures and work with you to get all the information that we need to design the space of your dreams. Whether you are bored of your home and want a consult on new paint colors or quick changes to refresh your space to full design plans we have the option for you. Our awesome vendors are working with us to get samples out quickly so that we can create design boxes for you. I want you to be confident on the designs and selections we are making. So on many of the online packages we not only send you digital plans but we video conference with you, create design boards and send samples.

I work with a great questionaire (if you have read or own Designing You you have a sample) so that I can get a full picture of your design style. As you know I strongly believe that your space needs to be about you. These questions help to make sure that we are all on the same page. One of my favorite tips to find your style is to take your five favorite outfits from your closet and see what colors and style you learn towards. I have been using this technique for 17 years and I just saw an HGTV Host use it. (My ideas ROCK!) I use it in my own home!

I are here. I am still designing. I can still video conference with you. I can still put your plan together. I still have contractors that are working, so we can still get a remodel going. I can still do a video conference on how to stage your home for sale. I can still put together a staging plan for you. You can shop online adn I am here to answer all of your questions about my curated items!

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