It is International Women’s Day and I thought it was important to talk about how we as women handle so many things. It is also super important for us to stop putting ourselves last. As a Mom and business owner it can be so hard to find time for myself. It is super easy to do for everyone else. To make sure that the kids are not only getting everything that they need but that I am a few steps ahead of the game, making sure the schedules are all taken care of, that they are prepared for tests, have enough time with their friends, make sure their lunches are perfect and they have the best balanced dinners. Special snacks, desserts, crafts, extra curricular activities and family time are all part of the routine. But what has not been part of the routine for a very long time is Sara time. With work I am constantly thinking about and working on client’s projects. I am completely guilty of not charging for all of the extra time and putting their projects first. This happens when I forget my value because it is easier to take care of others than to stop and focus on my needs.

So for the past week I have been working on creating the perfect space for me to work from and in my home. I am in love with white and organic design and it helps me to calm my mind and focus. Here are some of the designs that inspired me to change up my living and work spaces.

Neutrals, organic textures and forms give me peace. I have found over the years that the longer that I have been designing the more I gravitate to whites. I love color and I love creating beautiful colorful designs for my clients but for me I need a break from all of it at home. Here are some of the changes I made in my spaces.

Adding in crystals and plants add to the depth and the organic nature of the design. Crystals help to clear the energy in the space and plants are all about regenerating and growth.

Designing is about combining the elements and energies to create a feeling in the space. It is about creating a place to be comfortable and achieve all of your goals and vision. This can be as simple as having a place to rest and as complex as having a inspiring space that drives you. Whether you want to call it feng shui, hygge, design harmony, or zen we all function better when we are in balance and our space is in balance.

So take a moment or a week. Celebrate who you are and be ok with putting yourself first. Stop putting off updating your home. Update your wardrobe. I made the decision today to celebrate the 35lbs I have lost and go get some new clothes. I had been in full mom mode and didn’t think that I needed to spend any money on me. But the reality is walking around in clothes that are too big or cycling through the same few outfits doesn’t help to raise your own self esteem, it doesn’t help to remind yourself of your value. And women we have so much value! We keep so much together and are constantly the rock for so many. Be your own rock and celebrate who you are!

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate your value!

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