So often I am asked what my process is and what trends I am loving. So I thought I would talk a little about the process and one of my favorite design directions right now. As many of you know I have been talking about how maximalism is a lot of the current trends that we are seeing. These looks are fantastic and the depth of the colors and pieces make them great items to mix with other looks. I love a black and gold design like no one else. But not every client can pull off that kind of fantastic rich look. It is definitely not for everyone. There are some great elements to add to a more natural and organic look and so I thought that I would show you a design board that I was working on for a client that brings in some of these maximalist pieces but softens it and adds the muddy color for depth.

I love to start a design with a inspiration board like this. I may not use any of these pieces or I may use every one of these pieces. This look is taking that black, white and gold style and softening it with the textures from the rattan chairs. Mixing metals with the console table. Keeping it organic with the linen fabrics on the sectional mixed with the wool pillows and rug. The patterns are soft, geometric and organic. Adding in the gold and glass wall shelves along with the gold and crystal chandelier the whole room just took a major step up and the casual atmosphere has an understated elegance. These idea boards are huge and how I work with not only clients but especially the production companies for HGTV.

There are a few things I always have to add to every design. The first are live plants. Every home/office/work space needs live plants. There are so many reasons but the main reason is the health of the end user of the space. When I talk about health I am not only talking about the physical health but also the mental health. Plants help the clean the oxygen in the space but they also help the body to release endorphins simply making you happier. The technical term for using plants in the design process is called biophilic design. This encompasses more than just plants but also the lighting and the energy usage of the space. This in itself is another topic and I will definitely do a whole post or series of posts about it. But to get started in the biophilic design world start by bringing plants and colors of nature into the space.

The second thing that every design needs is a touch of black. This design has more than a touch, but black is a must for all designs. It grounds the space and adds depth. It makes all colors truer to their actual color and is the perfect neutral. It can be as small as picture frames and as large as the sofa. Just find a place to use it!

Lastly, no space is complete without a rug. Working in Florida I hear people say all the time that they don’t want one because it is a tripping hazard. I say BS. There are options to use rugs without the being a hazard and most if the time there is an issue because the rug is too small. We do not want coasters for our cocktail tables! Rugs are there to ground the space and create a conversational area. Use them and don’t be afraid to layer them. Let them bring in the needed texture to the space. The can also be the source of pattern for a design. Area rugs speak to the room and make it all come together, so don’t leave them out!

So these are my favorite trends right now with some of my new favorite furnishings. Love the pieces you see on the inspiration board let me know and I can have them shipped directly to you! Have a design project you want to get started on but don’t know how to start? I’d love to help. I can get you started with the design boards and the plan or go all the way through with completing and installing the design.

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