On my first night in Park City I came across the cutest local Italian Restaurant and Bar. Lucky for me it is right across from my hotel! I chose to sit at the bar get a great class of Sangiovese and have a bit to eat.

Looks amazing right!?! It was and so was the company of locals that were also hanging at the bar. There is nothing better than wandering into the place that the locals go, you know the food will be good and you can get great tips on things to do and see. So I asked what was the one most iconic architectural place in Park City. The answer came back without a doubt the White Barn.

The White Barn is a historic landmark here in Park City that was originally the homestead of the Harrison McLane Family. It dates back to 1886 and was purchased by the Citizens of Park City in 1990 to preserve the history. It is a very cool location and now has cross country trails, bike trails and walking trails around for all to use. The original property was a 160 acre farm. 80 acres were sold to the McPolin Family in 1897 and in 1922 the barn was erected from recycled timber salvaged from the old mines. If you didn’t know this whole are was silver mines and many made their start in these mines.

The White Barn

This iconic barn sits in the middle of mountains and off of a now 4 lane highway. One one side you can park and hit the trail heads. On the other side is the White Barn. There is an amazing tunnel that goes under the highway and you definitely want to use the tunnel. (Don’t be like me the first time and try to run across the highway!) And you will want to experience this tunnel as it is a beautiful mural.

I never in a million years expected to see this kind of beauty in a tunnel under a highway. The modern mural with the elements of the area speaks to the combination of Park City. There is this dichotomy here of history and tradition and new modern elements. And as you talk to the locals you will get some of the frustration of the history being removed and taken over. But yet they are open and friendly and are excited to tell you all about their favorite places.

When you come out of the tunnel there is this peaceful place where the barn sits in the middle of trails and mountains.

There is a river that runs through the front of the property and the cutest bridge with trees that just call out for you to hang in. And you will see people doing all kinds of photo shoots at the location. It is the a number one spot for wedding pictures. I got to see a girl doing what looked like senior pictures in a bright red ball gown in the snow. Brrrr!

Throughout the property there are plaques that tell the story of the White Barn and the owners.

There has been so much of the farmhouse design style and seeing this historic barn in person made me smile. There are elements that I love and the combination of wood, metal and concrete. I also love that they still have the old farm equipment on site so you can really feel like you are back in time.

Check out those garage doors! I bet you thought the ones everyone has been doing the past few years were a new thing. Nope, here they are glass with those awesome beams. I love the siding that is both horizontal and vertical. Check out the stone base, this is the same process as how the Romans built. I love that this site has been saved for all to enjoy. Go experience the history and be inspired to bring some design elements into your home. Historical elements never go wrong!

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