The season finale was just about one week ago and it ended with a house that was super special to me. It was special on many levels. First, the house was built in the MiraBay Community where I have been designing houses in since the start of my career. In fact, it was the main community that I was designing in when I returned from Colorado. I had a permanent construction pass to the community and was there everyday. I have seen every phase of the construction in MiraBay and have designed homes in each and every phase at every level. This community has been home to me for so long. To the point that when my parents decided to leave Sarasota there was only one community that I wanted them to purchase in. So for years my parents lived in MiraBay, my kids went to camp at MiraBay and some of my best friends live in MiraBay. So to be back in MiraBay building new homes was a dream come true. I was so excited when Brandon owner of Catalina Homes approached me to design brand new homes in the newly released section. The HGTV house was third house that I was designing with Brandon in MiraBay. At this point we have now designed and have built or are building 5 completely custom homes in this section of MiraBay.

I was already working with HGTV for the other 100 Day Dream Homes when we found out we needed another house for the show. It was perfect! I could connect Brandon with the show and we could really show off the amazing work that Catalina Homes was doing and showcase the hidden gem of MiraBay. So I made the connection and the Executive Producer and Production company loved Brandon and the Corey’s as much as I did. Success!!! I got to showcase one of my builders, in a community that is close to my heart while doing what I love the most! I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So we were off and running and there was not a thing that went into the beautiful house that I didn’t plan, design or help to bring to life. When working with Catalina Homes the clients work with me and my team not just to make selections but to truly design a custom home. We start at blueprints. I draw up the starting plans, meet with the clients, adjust redraw and then eventually send them to the architect and engineer. There are not any set plans. It is all what will work best for the client. There are many drawings like this that go back and forth:

This is just the beginning. From here there is cabinetry design, plumbing design, lighting design and all of the selections of tile, flooring, paint, molding, hardware, feature moments and so much more. To build a truly custom house you can’t do it in two meetings at a design center. It is drawings and details, form verse function meetings, redesigns and problem solving. It is late nights and early mornings. it is creating a beautiful work of art that is used everyday. So with all of that here is how this piece of art turned out.

So at the end of the day, really more like at the end of a very very late night when all of the finishing touches have been added, including live plants, we have this livable work of art. A work of art that graos and adjusts with those that live in it. And for me I had the ability to better someone’s life through design and art.

14 Comments on “House #4 HGTV 100 Day Dream Home

  1. Somebody please tell the brand, name, and where to get whatever is used for this blue kitchen backsplash!


    • Hi Lori! The backsplash is from Glazzio. All of the products that we use for building homes are purchased through trade dealers. Naffco was the supplier and installer on this backsplash.


  2. Hi – I would love to know what stone/marble/quartz was used on the kitchen island in Cory and Kori’s home . I love the beautiful gold and grey veining. Thanks for any info.


  3. Hello and kudos on an absolutely amazing property! Could you please provide the approximate measurements and/or floorplan for open the kitchen/living room/eat-in/dining room area? That is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for and want to have a builder here in Georgia replicate it!


    • Thank you so much! I would be happy to put you in contact with the builder. It would be up to him if he is willing to sell his plans. Or I would be happy to design a plan specific to you.


      • Thank you – how much does a custom plan cost? Ballpark price range would be fine, just trying to decide if it is something we would want to pursue?


  4. I see in the comments that the backsplash is from Glazzio, supplier Naffco … but I can’t seem to find the pattern/style. could you please provide the name of the specific collection and style? Thank you.


  5. Hello, I am in love with this place. Could you please refer to the builder so I can see if he’s willing to sell his plans. I would love to for my dream home to be exactly like this home … It’s so BEAUTIFUL … Thanks and blessed day


    • Hi Rousie, the builder went out of business this year. However I drew many of their floor plans and designed all of their homes. I would be happy to work with you to create your dream home!


  6. Hello, I live in Palm Beach County do you build houses down here, if not how could I obtain a copy of this blueprint? It’s amazing.


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