When I say trim I am sure most of you are thinking the pretty decorative elements we add to pillows and drapery. But nope I want to talk about the trim we use in the building process. Since I live on construction sites all the time and am constantly working with new designs I though I would talk about the element that gets very little attention but yet is one of the elements that add the biggest impact.

Everyone loves crown molding but the only crown molding I think anyone knows in cove.

Yup this is what everyone thinks about when we say crown molding. But this is just one style. There are so many options for crown molding here are some options people don’t always think about.

Dentil Molding

Stair Step Crown

Greek Key Crown

Corner Blocks

And these are just a few options for crown molding. This is not even touching door casing, base molding, wainscotting and so many other options that we have when designing a home. So, when you are working on your home and you want to add a whole lot of wow think about the trim.

Look at these headers and door casings.

How about these baseboards.

Trim is not just for pillows and drapery, it is crucial as a finishing touch for you walls and ceilings. So don’t neglect the trim and make sure you are putting the icing on the cake in your design!

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