For the past few months I have had the pleasure of helping my daughter start and run her handmade soap business. So I thought I would post about it a bit to share some of the amazing things she has been doing and give everyone a little look into our lives. I had been keeping this blog to mostly my interior design business but the reality is that my family life shapes so much of the work that I do that it is time to share some of those things as well.

So here is my daughter’s company Ella Bell Soap Company.

My daughter in the middle of dealing with a great deal of anxiety found that she needed something to channel that anxiety into and create things. She needed an outlet where she was achieving and building her own mark on the world. As a parent I am so happy to support her in creating this company and I am seeing her become so much more confident in so many things. The joy that she has had by being able to purchase presents for her friends and family during holidays has done miracles for her self esteem. She no longer asks us for money for things that she wants, she justs asks if she can use her money. For a seven year old I am just impressed!

Check her out making her soaps.

Each and every one of her soaps and scents she creates on her own, with a little help to make sure she doesn’t burn herself. Each soap is made from organic ingredients and essential oils for the scents. She loves blue so there are lots of blue soaps!

Aren’t they beautiful!?! She adds dried flowers and fruits to many of the soaps. And she sells them at local markets on on her website.

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram @ellabellasoapcompany.

And here she is at some of her markets.

As a designer and artist I have tried to create a culture of creativity and design within our household. It looks like it has truly taken hold. Keep following to find out more about Elliana’s updates and more about our design projects.

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