Over the years we have seen so many different directions that the pantone colors have gone. The predicting of colors each years has been all over the place. Sometimes I think that it is almost like a game that whenever the industry starts to get where the pantone colors are going then pantone throws a huge curveball. But my question is do these colors seem relevant in design for the average client. Yes we will always have the client that wants the newest, thing and wants to be cutting edge. But are these pantone colors really leading to design trends for the masses? Or should we be keeping these colors to small pops in designs? Are these colors moving design forward or are they behind the current design trends?

This years color is living coral.

Designing in Florida, this is a great color. But honestly we have been using this color for years. So it really doesn’t feel new and fresh as I see it. Don’t get me wrong I love the color. I am still using the color and the designs that we have done with this color still look super new and fresh. But is this trendsetting? Were we just way ahead of the trend?

How about the 2018 color of the year?

I love purple! I have been using touches of purple and more than touches of purple in designs for ages. In fact at the beginning of 2017 I redid my showroom to incorporate this deep rich color.

So again I ask the question were we moving ahead of the trend or was pantone running behind? Were we predicting the direction of the industry? My ego absolutely loves the idea that we have been designing ahead of the times and are setting the trends, although I am not sure that is the case.

Let’s go back to 2017 color of the year – Greenery.

I absolutely love this color. I think that just about every design needs this color in some form. But this is because I design a lot in the style of biophilic design. I strongly believe that the outside should always be brought into the interiors. In 2015 I did an interview with Sears about what the color trends would be and this was one of my main colors that I felt needed to be a staple in interiors. Check out the article here: https://www.searshomeservices.com/blog/2015-kitchen-color-trends

So does this mean that pantone colors are on trend? Are they relevant? Here is what I think. I think good design is always relevant. So if you feel like you need to follow the pantone colors great. If you are ahead of the pantone colors great. As long as the design is taking care of the client’s needs and has the ability to last the test of time who cares if it falls in the pantone colors. So follow the trends, don’t follow. Use the colors for large impact or small pops. Just remember at the end of the day create a great design and it will always look great!

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