As an interior designer I hear all the time why should I hire an interior designer? And usually right after that the comment comes my spouse (feel free to replace with friend, neighbor, mother etc) is really good with color and did a great job on our last house (replace with their house, friend’s, mother’s, neighbor’s). Or the other response is “aren’t interior designers only for the wealthy?” So my first answer is lets talk about what an interior designer does. If you are building a new home an interior designer can become your project manager. Your designer will not only make sure that your selections flow throughout your home but also that they meet your functional needs. Making sure that you as the client understand how the different materials will react to your lifestyle and give you options that will stay looking beautiful. Also an interior designer can review your blueprints for function and flow. How many time have you walked into a house that the dining room chandelier is either not centered to the table or is swaged? This can be avoided, along with the costly expense of rewiring and moving electrical boxes, with a plan review by an interior designer. An interior designer will also create drawings of how the tile designs will look. This not only allows the client to see how the backsplashes and flooring will flow but also helps the builder. This way the tile setter knows exactly how it should look and is not just left to his own judgement – which may or may not match the clients. Having everything laid out and designed ahead of time saves money not only in time but also supplies and labor.

An interior designer is not only for when you are building or remodeling. An interior designer is also for furnishing and window treatments and bedding. When you work with a designer for furnishings you have access to brands that are not found in all furniture stores. Plus there is always the options of creating a completely custom piece of furniture. Your designer will also create renderings of how the space will look before a single piece of furniture is purchased or created. This allows for a mistake free experience. And when it comes to window treatments and bedding a designer will have thousands of fabrics and trims available along with the knowledge to create unique designs that match the client. An interior designer will give the client a look that represents the client and won’t be found in every home in the neighborhood. Everyone’s home and lifestyles are unique the interiors should be unique to the owner.

An interior designer is not only for the wealthy and confused. A good interior designer will make your construction projects flow easier on time and budget, help you create a unique look designed for the client and save you money. So the next time before you start a home improvement project contact an interior designer to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

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