Have you ever had new furniture delivered and wondered why it doesn’t look right? Most likely it’s because you have an unfinished picture. Here is what I mean. When you go to a store to purchase new furniture you are not only seeing the sofas an chairs but all the rest of the picture. The store is smartly merchandised with rugs, artwork, plants, flowers, candles, planters, books, vases, lamps, clocks etc. Not to mention the window treatments. So when you go home after purchasing your new sofas and chairs you expect them to look perfect in your home. However, when they are delivered most of the time what they have actually done is make your other furniture look, old or out of date.

So how do you get your new furniture to look like it does in the store? Accessories, accessories, accessories. Accessories are the icing on the cake when it comes to your home. Without them you have an unfinished painting. So how do you know what are the right accessories? The best way is to have an interior designer complete your space. An interior designer will have the ability to know what is going to make your furniture look the best in your home. And even if your didn’t hire a designer when you were purchasing your furniture they can still do all the accessories. And they will save you hours of time running around to all the different stores plus they will have wholesalers in which they can purchase from – saving you money.

If you choose not to hire a designer here are some helpful tips. First start with the artwork. The right painting can carry the entire room. The artwork will determine if you need to go heavier or lighter on the rest of the accessories. If it is a large colorful piece you will want to go simpler on the rest of the accessories. You may only need a floral arrangement on the cocktail/coffee table. If you went with a black and white piece you will wat to bring touches of color in through the remaining accessories.

Don’t forget lamps, rugs and accent tables. A rug will ground your space so that the room doesn’t feel like it is floating. Lamps are a necessity. Every room should have three sources of light. And accent tables can be a fun way to bring in color or a different shape. These pieces can be found in painted finishes and shapes like triangles. Keep in mind what makes a room work is not only the flow through it but also the balance and the ability to keep the eye moving around it. Think of your room as a painting. A painting is effective when it makes th viewer feel something. To be able to feel something the viewer’s eye must be traveling around the painting again and again. The same is true for your room. It should give you a hug when you enter it.

So remember a sofa and chair is not a completed room. A completed room consists of artwork, rugs, tables, lamps, floral arrangements and many other finishing touches. When you plan your budget keep in mind that you will need to also purchase accessories to truly have the room of your dreams.

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