Do you cringe when you hear the word wallpaper? A lot of people do. Wallpaper seems to be one of those things that either you love or hate. But I think we need to start taking a new look at wallpaper. It is no longer just those small pastel flowers that your mother or grandmother had all over her kitchen and bathrooms. Wallpaper has changed and so has its uses. There are now metallic, graphic inspired, and flocked wallpapers. This is not your grandma’s wallpaper.

Flocked metallic wallpaper

Is this what you think of when you hear the word wallpaper? I doubt it. Purple velvet flocked metallic is not your grandma’s wallpaper. This is for the cutting edge. It is opulent and contemporary. Stop thinking about kitchens and bathrooms when you look at this level of wallpaper. This is for dining rooms, headboards, nitches and accent walls. It’s not only an update in the colors but also the pattern. This frond is current and updated. It has the graphic feeling that is the trend. Using the metallic inspirations that are all over the fashion runways along with the purple make this wallpaper high fashion for the home. This is the way that we are moving in the industry. Clients are much more aware of the fashion trends walking New York and Paris fashion weeks. This means they want to see those trends translated to their homes. And this is what fashion looks like when translated to the home.

Metallic and mother or pearl wallpaper

If flocking is not your thing how about mother of pearl? That’s right this metallic wallpaper has mother of pearl in the center of the medallion design. Can’t you see the current jewelry trends here? This definitely looks inspired by  Tiffany and Julinda Chia Morgan pendants. No longer is clothes fashion, jewelry and interior design separate. They are all influencing each other and pushing each to look outside of the box for new answers. I am loving the way that wallpaper has been redesigned. We are now seeing these opulent looks and they are a great way to move away from faux painting. As we see faux painting move out something needed to take its place and these new wallpapers are moving in. Wallpaper is something that not only artists can do. So with the move to decorative wallpapers more people are able to participate in the trend.

Graphic designs

If you are more contemporary you have not been left out in the wallpaper trends. Here is a great example of the graphic trends in wallpaper. The colors are trendy and bold. The graphic design reminds us of the popular graphic t’s and dresses. This is what I mean about thinking outside of the box. Taking inspiration from print and translating it to home fashion is how we move ahead and acknowledge the global influence. Nothing is separate anymore.

So when you hear the word wallpaper stop thinking grandma and start thinking cutting edge. Wallpapers are now trendy and fashion forward. They are taking the place of faux painting and the budget doesn’t have to be large to enjoy this new trend.

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