Great Accent Fabric

I got the opportunity to see some amazing fabrics. The fabrics ranged in everything from classic everyday fabrics to opulent accent fabrics. There were cottons, linens, silks, wools, and polyesters. There were matching wallpapers and leathers. It was like being in interior design heaven.

The menswear as home furnishings is still going really strong. And it is being shown in wovens, twills, stripes, and silks. They have a great hand and an amazing depth of color.  And great color combinations. Greys and raspberries are still hot but so is taupe and mango. In some cases the raspberry is either jumping high-octane and going to fuchsia or mellowing to a soft rose. And my favorite, I mean I die for, is the taupey chocolate. It is magnificent! It has so much more depth and sophistication than the regular old chocolate and can be used in so many more color combinations. It is fabulous with greens, blues and greys. And it plays beautifully with reds, pinks, and oranges. Sophistication is definitely in!

The English garden has also gotten a big pick me up from Jane Churchill fabrics. I saw embroidery with such depth it looked like it was done by hand. And it was affordable! There were designs that must have had twenty plus colors of thread for one leaf. I die! And the wallpapers…..absolutely fabulous. They looked like an artist painted each individual roll.

Opulence is still out there. I saw amazing flocked, metallic damask wallpaper with matching fabric! Nothing like traditional done with a contemporary flair! Classic is being redefined and if you’re not on the cutting edge you are way behind. The lush, rich vibrant colors turned traditionally demure fabrics into a show stopping WOW factor.

All in all the fabric industry is making up for the slow housing market. They are coming out with new trend setting fabrics that are affordable and memorable. The facelift that the new fabrics can do for a business or home make it worth staying longer and remodeling instead of finding a new location.

Great Everyday Fabric

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