When you hear green fabrics do you automatically assume that they are made from natural fibers? I believe that the inclination is to assume that green fabrics are always made from natural fibers. Green fabrics can be made from natural fibers but they are not always. Green fabrics can be made from recycled plastics, paper and old fabrics. I know that the idea of plastic seems weird to think of as a component in fabric. Actually most fabrics contain some kind of petroleum product. Nylon and polyester are petroleum-based products. Kravet has a great line of green fabrics that are made from plastic soda bottles. In fact one yard Kravet’s green fabric is made from twelve two liter soda bottles. Way to go Kravet on helping our enviroment and being inventive at the same time.

Now if you are the consumer who is really looking for natural fibers when you went looking for green fabrics, then what you really want are organic fabrics. Organic fabrics are made from natural fibers, cotton, linen and hemp. They also do not have the heavy chemical treatments that traditional fabrics contain. Traditional fabrics are treated with chemicals such as formaldehyde. By using organic fabrics such as Duralee’s Clodagh collection one can get rid of the heavy chemicals. These are great fabrics to use with clients that have allergies, asthma or just want a more natural lifestyle. I am so excited to see the fabric world more in this direction. As an interior designer it is great to open a box of new fabrics and not have to air out my office from the chemical smells. When I was running large showroom and the new fabrics would come in by the hundreds it would be days before the smell of the chemicals would go away. And if you have ever wondered what the smell was when your brand new furniture was delivered this is your answer. Thank you Duralee for offering another option. I am in love with their organic line and can’t wait to see more.

To wrap up green does not equal organic but organic does equal green. There are now options for those that are interested in helping to make a smaller impact on th enviroment. It can mean completely organic natural fibers or green. Recycle! Reduce! Redesign!

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