Fabulous Jewels for the Home

I had a wonderful meeting today with my RM CoCo rep along with the Executive VP of the Finial Company. And I have to share some of the new designs that they are coming out with. First is the gorgeous picture to the left showing new finial designs and rods for window treatments. The middle rod and finial to the right is from a Picasso design. How amazing! While the finial to the left on the middle rod completely reminds me of CoCo Chanel. There is nothing better to me then to have a bit of classic to go along with contemporary to make for a truly timeless design. And if you are looking closely you will see that the bottom rod is made out of lucite! It is absolutely the kind of jaw dropping, statement making, cutting edge design that we have been waiting for. And here is my favorite part it is all made in the USA. Did you hear me it is AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT. So many companies have sent their business overseas for cheap labor it is just a wonderful thing to see a company that has chosen to keep their manufacturing here in the US. And because they are manufacturing and designing here in the US I can get any custom finish, custom size or design in a matter of weeks NOT months!

Now if you remember the news reports about the recalls on blinds and window treatments with cords? Guess what the Finial Company through one of their brands (Paris Texas) has already found an answer. You can still get traversing draperies, without the wand look, without the issue of a cord that a child could get hurt on. And let me tell you the new system works better than any of the old pulley systems. It is just a single cords pull and keeps up to five feet of cord in the handle. It is amazing. And of course it look better than the old styles that had to be screwed into the wall.

So needless to say I am very excited about the Finial Company and their new lines and what they can do for my clients. But what does this mean if you are my client? It means that I am getting cutting edge product, of top quality in a quick turn around. It also means that I am able to offer my clients not only my knowledge and experience when I am doing their window treatments, but also the knowledge and experience of a great, long time in business American company.

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