I have been making travel a huge priority in our lives recently. Partly to see new things but mostly to be inspired for future designs. I know we keep seeing all of these modern, open floor plan super clean looks. But honestly I am so in the mood for some traditional design, defined rooms and details. Check out these doors!

I am so in love with the details! Remind you of some of the ones we saw in Italy!?! And the colors! Many of these doors are actually shades of green! And the columns framing the doors, how divine! The mixing of the iron with the wood give such depth and makes he entry feel so stately. Sometimes with the rush to have a contemporary look we forget how some details and combinations can add such power to a design.

Brick, brick and more brick! Ok this is Savannah so we should have expected all of the brick. But oh my, I am in love and the patterns that could be found are fantastic. Not just your typical running bond or herringbone but mixtures and inlay designs. Details were everywhere, including dolphin downspout covers! These beautiful sculptures are made of iron and cover the gutter downspouts so that ghosts can’t get in. Did you know that most of Savannah is built on top of graveyards?

The squares all throughout Savannah are so fantastic! There are statues, benches, open areas and fountains all around. It has such a feel of a small town in a big city. The old southern elegance can be seen everywhere. And so many stories about each square and the area. The history throughout the city just drips from the walls. And speaking of walls check out this amazing old wall.

This is down by the river and was built so that the boats of olden days could navigate. And guess what it reminds me of? Your guessed it Italy. This set up is so similar to the was that boats would enter into the castles back in the day in Italy. Since most of the city was built by Irish Immigrants I am guessing they brought with them the European style of building cities and water entrances. You can totally see it in the stone that was used and the style.

So how does this inspire for new interior designs? For me I love taking these elements and using them in new homes. I love the inlay doors and even on a contemporary home you can bring in a detailed design for the front door. Marble and iron are great elements for design, and they don’t have to be columns! And brick, well I am in love with brick all colors, whitewashed, chiseled you name it. I love it for a driveway, a front porch, exterior accents on the front of the house, in a kitchen and so much more! These elements stand the test of time! So the next house you are looking at, think about looking back in time for design elements that never go out of style!

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