Ok, I have to apologize again for my slacking on recent posts. It has been crazy on so many fronts. And to be truthful I want to get really real here. For those of you who just want to talk design this may be the blog post you just skip. For those of you who have picked up Artfully Curated ( available on Amazon!) and want to know more about how we somehow manage to balance everything or just the carziness of our lives, this is your kind of post.

First, let’s talk about the projects we are currently working on. We have quite a few new construction homes going on, ten in fact. They range from $700k – $4m. And each and everyone is unique and totally fun to be working on! This also includes probably my favorite spec project ever so I am dying to complete this one by the middle of the summer. Here are some pictures of the projects in process.

There are four remodels going on. These range from full complete gut and redo to redesigning.

Yup, that is me on the plane drawing out my thoughts. And yes, I fly first class (as often as possible) so that I can continue to work while on the plane. Way too much time to lose due to lack of space.

We are consulting on multiple projects, have a few that are scheduled to start this summer and have a bar in the construction phase. Business is awesome!

It is also May and that means one last week if school for my kids! If you have not seen the Holderness Family Maycember video check it out here:


This is so true on so many levels! It is awards, and field trips, and end of year parties, teacher gifts, and so much more. Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am to make enchiladas for my son’s world culture day. Ok truth I get up at 4:30am everyday. But making enchiladas first thing in the morning not my thing. Loving, caring and supporting my family, completely my thing! And I am exhausted but happy and enjoying seeing them grow.

I used to think that being a working mom meant that I was missing so much. But the reality is I am teaching them so much. I am teaching my kids that it is ok to be a business owner and a force in your industry. I am teaching them that independence and deep meaningful connections are vital. I am teaching them how to be present for the big things and the everyday while showing up for yourself. I am teaching them that quality is so much more important than quantity. But mostly I am teaching them how to be authentic.

All of this has meant not a ton of time with my husband Greg, although we did get an evening away for a drink and some painting!

Running a company, parenting and being a wife is hard. It is managing clients, managing expectations, managing anxiety, managing time, managing employees and managing stress. It is also being insanely grateful for so many things. It is being grateful for the support of my family. It is being grateful for the amazing clients that work with us and refer us. It is being grateful for the ability to take time off to be at my kids events and it is being grateful for a husband who supports all my huge business goals and visions.

Life is messy and scary and hard. But it is also fun, adventurous and joyful. I wouldn’t have it any other way! So, I will keep pushing, keep designing, keep supporting, keep showing up. And keep apologizing for not blogging as much as I had planned on!

Be you, be real, be authentic and just show up!

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