I am just getting back from a trip to Italy and I have to say that my brain is just overflowing with ideas to bring into projects that I am working on and for future projects. As many of you who follow the blog and instagram or know me personally know that I am already obsessed with doors and natural stone. If you didn’t see the article in Contemporary Stone and Tile Design here it is:


But now after traveling through Italy I have some new loves. They work with loves that I already have but I have a whole new appreciation for these elements. And they are stone inlays, ceiling details and door knockers. I have always loved stone and have appreciated it’s beauty but have also never been a huge fan of overly ornate stone work. Ok so maybe I am appreciating more traditional things as I am getting older…..but I think it is simply appreciating the craftsmanship that we don’t see all that often in the US. And recently US design has been so focused on clean looks, farmhouse, urban and contemporary that I think we have forgotten where some of these styles really came from. When we were in Siena we stayed at a working Olive vineyard that is a 17th century villa. And let me tell you it was simple but not plain, detailed and elegant. The woods were mixed and not forced and the furniture pieces were mixtures of curved lines with the beauty of the wood showing through. Doors were arched and huge with only half of the door opening. Gardens were mixtures of stone, and brick and wrought iron with potted plants and vines allowed to grow along the walls. Nothing was whitewashed, nothing was shiplapped, everything was breathtaking.

But back to my new obsessions. Check out these marble inlays.

They are HUGE! Now we may not want to go this detailed or style in a new home design but there is so much to take away from these designs. I am in love with the black and white diamond design for a foyer, or master bath. Or imagine that inlay on the floor and in the ceiling of a master bath! We are seeing the concrete tiles like crazy with the beautiful designs such as the first picture above, but to see it done in marble is so impressive.

Ceiling details – OMG there is no way I can ever post enough pictures of the detailed ceilings in Italy! I have over the years done wallpaper on ceilings to create a highlighted feature and create a new feeling, but these ceilings are so far beyond the designs that I have done over the years. Here are a few examples but check out instagram for even more!

And let’s talk door knockers! These pieces to me are such a simple way to give a front door character that I can’t believe that we have gotten away from them in the US.

What a fantastic way to change the entire feeling of a door! I have a feeling these are going to be a new collection that I start, I am just in love. And you can see that they don’t have to be ornate and traditional, they can be simple or contemporary and add so much to the design.

So when you see new posts and pictures from me obsessing over these things you will know why. I have a feeling I will be noticing these things and looking for ways to adapt current projects and objects to give an added flare.

There is so much more to post about Italy especially the artwork. I think that needs a whole post on it’s own!

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