Ok so in my last blog post I let you all know that we would have special guests at Kravet when we start our tour. Well I can now officially announce that Sara Kravet, 5th generation Kravet, will personally greet our tour and see us through the Kravet and Kravet Curated Showrooms! She has been working out of the Boston Showrooms and has not only grown up in the business she and her family have been changing the industry for a 100 years! We will also be joined by Maria Parasugo the director of Kravet Furnishings. Parasugo and her team, are the brains behind the edge program at Kravet. You know the Kravet furnishings that are made beautifully in Kravet fabrics but won’t run you 1,000 per dining chair.

By now you may know that I love Kravet. I have been using Kravet fabrics since I started in the interior design world. In fact, if you have been to my showroom you will know that the fabrics across from my desk are all Kravet. I am so excited to introduce everyone on the tour to the fantastic furniture that they make.

How beautiful are these pieces! Wait until you sit in them! And even more so have you heard of Kravet Curated? Well those that join us on the tour will be able to see Curated as well. Will Hunt Lewis the Vice President of Kravet Curated will be meeting us at Kravet Curated to show us around all of the amazing pieces. Top designers in our field are working to with Kravet to create these collections, everyone from Barclay Butera to Candice Olson and Jan Showers. You will so want to see what they have selected and will be showing at Spring High Point Furniture Market!

So are you ready to be a part of this amazing tour? If you have never been or have not been to High Point Market in the past four markets and are an interior designer, buyer, builder or furniture store owner come join us by signing up at the link below. And don’t forget you have to select Sara Chiarilli if you want to get in on this. Because this is exclusive to our Tour, you will not get this opportunity with anyone else!


I can’t wait to meet you on the Spring Insider’s Tour!

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