This week I had a very interesting request by one of my favorite home decor websites. One Kings Lane asked me if I would write a post about jewelery and lighting. Not sure where this is going? Keep reading, this is going to be fun and a bit of an insight into my personal style. The idea of the request was to pair my favorite piece of jewelery with my favorite chandelier. So I thought about it for a bit and there are tons of pieces of jewelry that I love and the same for chandeliers. I love bling and sparkles. I love classic and modern. I love big, oversized and chunky bangles. I also love long necklaces with fringe. However, when I think of my favorite piece of jewelry it has to be my beautiful engagement ring that my husband gave me eight years ago. It is classic and modern, sparkles and is the perfect example of my personal style.


See what I mean. It is just the perfect piece of jewelry. So how does that translate to a chandelier? Well for me that means it has to be classic, stylish and a showstopper. All the things that a chandelier should be. Chandeliers are no longer just for dining rooms. We are using beautiful chandeliers in living rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and even in closets. My favorite chandelier, well it has sparkles (crystals) strength (wood and metal) and an elegant feeling (curves).


Do you see it? Classic yet also a modern feel. Curves, definition and some bling. Nothing too much and nothing too little. A perfect combination of high style and tradition. So when you are looking for a chandelier that fits your style think of that perfect piece of jewelry. Think about what your style. Want to know where to find the perfect chandelier? Well, if you can’t find it on my website check out One Kings Lane at to see their great selections. And stay true to yourself and style as your home is a reflection of who you are.

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