As we continue into the discussion of how to update your home in the new year let’s continue to talk about the bathroom. As much add I love a free standing tub I also love a large shower. And many people are finding they simply don’t use the tub. So that means that old tub is taking up some very expensive real estate. So here are some ideas for bathrooms without tubs.




What do you think? Could you get rid of your tub? It definately makes the bathroom feel larger and adds a whole new feeling to the space. So if your not using it go for function and create a high style design with a super, fabulous shower!

3 Comments on “New Year, New Bath – No Shower

    • To each their own. Many of my clients keep tubs in the guest baths and large showers in the master. It just depends on your preference. For you I’d check out the post with the few standing tubs.


  1. Ah, well you never said there was a tub elsewhere in the house! If it’s just one of many bathrooms, then fine, but I’ve seen clients remove the tub and come resale time, they regretted it. And visa versa actually too. Kept the tub, tiled off the shower. Why? Not sure, but they wished they hadn’t.

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