As a designer I am constantly talking about dyelots. They are something that we deal with on a daily basis and most of the time when we mention it to clients they look at us as if we are speaking in another language. So I thought I would discuss what a dyelot is and how it affects the designing of your home.

A dyelot is notated when something is fabricated. This is for just about everything that is made. In the interior design industry this applies to fabrics, tiles, wood, stone, carpets and wallpapers. So what this means is that when a batch of thread or fabric is dyed the group that was dyed together will be notated as a dyelot. For stone or wood it would be the group that was mined or milled together. For carpets it is similar to fabric when the thread/fibers are dyed. And for wallpapers is it for when they are created or printed. So why is this important? Dyelots are important because it is the only way to guarantee product matching. So for instance if I am ordering a fabric for a client and we are looking at a sample in a book it is a very good possibility that the current stock of that fabric is going to be from a completely different dyelot than what is in the book. That means that we need to expect up to a 10% variance from the sample in the book. So how do we handle something like that if there are multiple fabrics going into the same space? What we as interior designers do is contact the manufacturer to get a cutting of the current stock of the fabric so that we can hold a certain dyelot for our client. Once we have all of the samples of the current stock we can finalize orders and get things moving. This is the same process for stone, tile, carpet and wallpaper.

Do you really need to get cuttings ahead of time? I am asked this question on a regular basis. Along with isn’t that just going to slow down the process? Well the answer is yes it can slow down the process as it adds another step. However it also adds an additional protection as if the current stock is very different from the original sample you can select a different product without the wasted expense of unusable product. Also many times when we order product the current stock may be from multiple dyelots. We need to make sure that all of the dyelots match each other.

So a dyelot is the notation of when something was manufacturer or mined and is the needed information to know when that was and how much was done at the same time. It is also what tells us what the item is going to look like and if it will work with the other items in the space. So the next time you hear someone say we need to check the dyelot you will know that they are looking out for you to make sure that your project is going to come out right.

2 Comments on “Dyelots – What are they and how do they effect me?

  1. Good explanation Sara. At Duralee we always point out if the available stock/cuts are from the same dye lot or not. Any special order(not from stock) will be from the same dye lot.


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