So as we change homes or the ways in which we are using our homes there are so many times that the pieces we once had no longer work with the new design or in the new space. So I thought I would talk a bit about how to reinvent those pieces to make them work in the new space.

One of the most thrown away items are mirrors. These are usually pieces that we don’t have a huge attachment to. We like them but finding a new spot for them can seem like more work then they are worth. Well mirrors can be used in so many ways and honestly most homes never have enough. So here are some thoughts on how to update and change them for the new space. If you have remodeled and have an old bathroom mirror, usually a frameless plate-glass you can have this piece cut down and framed. Framed mirrors are all the rage in bathrooms now so why waste the old mirror. Select a new frame and instantly you have a new look. Now if this a is cheap mirror that you are starting to see the backing on already don’t bother. But if it is a nice beveled silver nitrate mirror go for it. It is definitely worth it.

Another option with mirrors if they are already framed is to spray paint the frame. I love a colorful lacquered framed mirror. They can go in so many spaces from the entry to the bedroom to the hallway. You just can’t go wrong. And you can completely change the feeling of the piece with the new paint color. And go for something out of the box the few dollars for the spray paint and a little bit of time is not going to break the bank and will have so much impact.

One of my favorite things to do is to have a painted piece of furniture in the house. Especially kids bedrooms, guest bedrooms and entryways. These are great places to have a unique piece and show off your whimsical side. Take that old dresser, bookcase, or side table and refresh it with a completely different look. Want to use it for a kid’s bedroom stencil a fun scene on it. Frogs and bugs for boys or fairies and butterflies for girls. Can’t draw no big deal a few dollars at your local craft store and you will find every kind of stencil there is.

Lamps are another item that usually need some updating when we have moved or remodeled. Replace the shade. This is the easiest way to create a whole new lamp. Just make sure that with the new shade you don’t see the workings of the lamp. Another way to reinvent a lamp especially for a beach home is to wrap it in material. I love to use either linen or rope for the beach house look. Also I am in love with the clear glass lamps. These many times can be filled. I have filled them with glass beads, sand and sea shells and even rose petals. Easy changes that completely change the feeling of the space.

So the next time before you throw out the accessory or piece of furniture think about how you can use it in a different way. And remember just because it was used in one manner doesn’t mean that is the only way to use it. Small bookcases make great end tables or sofa tables if long enough. Large end tables can be foyer tables. Everything is just a matter of changing your thought pattern. And if you just don’t know what to do with the pieces call an interior designer for a consultation. Guaranteed that designer will have a million different uses for each piece.

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