So the new year is fast approaching and that of course means time for some introspection. Well for me it also means that it is a time to start putting together what I think will be hot for the next year. For me I take what I saw at markets and what manufacturers are showing, listen to me clients and then of course what I love and here is what I think will be hot in the coming year.

I think that people are tired of the  neutral on neutral rooms. I think that you will be seeing lots of pops of color. That doesn’t mean there won’t be neutrals but they are going to be set off with some bright bold color. You will see oranges, deep emerald greens, reds, and pinks. It is not going to be the  muted colors and sea-green. It is going to be fully saturated color. For instance if you have a neutral brown, beige and cream room it can be accented with bright wallpaper in an emerald-green and black tables and metal work for the artwork. It is time to start seeing drama back in the decorating industry. The trend for the soft and subtle, warm cozy room is going away. The elaborate, bold and beautiful is on the rise.

Here are some rooms designed with the pops of color that I am talking about. It is bold and fun and elegant all at the same time.

grey.yellow lemon lime.dining raspberryPeople want to have fun and show off things other than what everyone has. We are seeing a rise in the faux painting and wallpaper. People are tired of the same old same old. They want to have something different from what everyone else has. I am not saying that you won’t see lots of neutral colors but you are going to see them against bright fully saturated color.

Area rugs are also going to be huge this coming year. First let me say that I have always felt that every room needs an area rug. This is a place that people feel they are saving money on and then wonder why a room doesn’t come together without it. You need the area rug. But also there are so many fun different ones that are really hot now and going to be more so in the coming year. This year is going to be about getting back to life and having fun. People are tired of hearing down news, and they are translating the need to get away from it to their homes. They are bringing in the outside, the tropical, the fun. They are making their homes the vacation spot. And it is seen in the accent pieces and area rugs. Bold patchwork rugs, Moroccan styled ottomans, beaded wall hanging and bold large print wallpaper.

This year is all about fun, color and statement! Enjoy it!

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