This week there was a fabulous table top showing of new fabrics. The fabrics were beautiful! The direction in the interior design industry as seen through the new fabrics is a slight move toward the muddy. Ok let me explain. A great deal of the fabric companies are releasing traditional fabrics in which the color hues are very close in value which gives an effect that the patterns are very subdued. This creates very little definition and from far away the pattern and color variances are hard to see. All in all muddy. I am not a big fan of this trend. I love a rich neutral, a soft hue and pattern defined only by texture. And at times the use of a muddy color such as a green with brown and gold background hues or a gold with green and brown backgrounds. But when the only hues used in a fabric are muddy neutrals that blend into each other I am not so in love.

Now on the other hand some of my favorite fabric vendors did release some amazing rich fabrics. Stroheim has always been one of my favorites and because of that I was able to view the new releases from them last week – and they were show stopping. If you want to read more about those fabrics, please check out last weeks post. Romo really showed how to work with a neutral fabric! Instead of neutral being boring they took that great charcoal grey ( my current favorite neutral) and created a wow! Look at how beautiful this neutral is. The use of multi levels in the velvet give it a richness that is opulent. They also were able to create a depth to the fabric making the neutral grey seem to reach out and touch you. This is the kind of fabric that you just want to curl up in and never leave. Way to go Romo you just reminded me why I always have to see your new releases!

Now the other way that some of the fabric companies went was to really do traditional with a POP. And RM Coco really went all out in this area. They said lets take a traditional pattern and make it really stand out. I am in love with the direction that they are going. It really is taking into account the influences from around the world and giving us fabrics that show where the rest of the world is going. This fabric is rich in color and the stitching is amazing. They have put such detail into the fabric and the colors just pop. The colors really show the influence of other cultures while the pattern is like a traditional Amish quilt. How divine!

Blue, blue, blue. Every fabric company came out with blues this season. And as an interior designer I say about time. I am so happy to see true blues. As I am extremely tired of the spa blue or robin’s egg blue. It was definitely about time to see real blue. And even better true blue with white. There is nothing more traditional and classic then blue and white.

Here is one of my favorite new releases of the classic. This is from RM Coco and the knots and embroidery are going to make this a highly sought after fabric.

I am very excited to start working with all the new releases! This has just gotten me so excited to see what is going to be coming out at High Point Market. It is going to be fantastic to see these great fabrics and many others on furniture and in window treatments.

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