It’s that time again new fabrics are coming out. This is like Christmas to me! I love it when my fabric reps call and say “new samples have arrived. When are you available to see the new lines?” My answer ASAP! This is part of what separates me from other interior designers. I make sure that when new fabrics are released that I see the showings and pick up what I know my clients are going to love. This also means that I get samples sent immediately of fabrics and wall coverings that will work for certain clients even before they start thinking about that stage of the design.

This week the showings were for Stroheim, S. Harris and Vervain. And even with the changes in ownership of Stroheim I am still in love. This is one line that is like the perfect pair of high heels, no matter what you are wearing they are always the right answer to complete the look. Stroheim has been one of my favorite fabrics lines for ten years and this release is a perfect example why. They have come out with new cutting edge technology for better wear, kept up their well-known name with opulent fabrics, and great color combinations.

Silk with bamboo for added strength and wear

Here is an example of the new technology that Stroheim is using to strengthen silk fabrics. As an interior designer I love using silk fabrics in designs to give them that WOW factor. However, silk fabrics are more delicate than many other natural fibers which means that they cannot always be used due to the lifestyles of the clients. The addition of bamboo to these silks adds stability to the silk and a strength that allows a great deal more applications. This example is just one of the beautiful silk and bamboo combinations. The colors in this line are refined and elegant and are great for window treatments, bedding, and pillows.

Velvet Stripe


Velvets are in and they are as beautiful as ever. This season they are dry velvets. What this means is that the texture and hand of the fabric is more dense and stiffer. This is NOT the velvet that when you touch it you see every mark, finger print, and dare I say butt mark. This is a velvet that is rich in texture and depth of color. This is the type of velvet that you want when using it for upholstery. It will last and not crush after many sittings. What better – rich velvets and no crushing! So are you excited? I am. Thank you Stroheim for yet again an amazing release of fantastic, usable, unique, cutting edge fabrics!

Now on to S. Harris. The release that I am most excited about is a line created from metal sculptures. Seem like a weird combination? Let me explain. This line has taken unique metal sculptures and translated them to fabric. There is an amazing depth to these fabrics. They have used pleating to create the layers that would normally have been created by welded metals.

Fabric from metal art

Here is one example of the amazing translation of metal art into fabric. The colors of these designs are mostly in your neutral tones such as cream, gray, and beige. And the unexpected is that some of them have metallic threads running through them. I am hoping that these designs take off so that we can get them in a wider range of colors. I would love to see this design in a vibrant royal blue or high intensity purple.

On to Vervain. I was most excited to see this line however I have to  say it was not what I expected. Normally I expect rich velvets, embroidered silks and a perfect mixture of traditional and contemporary designs. This season we did get some velvets but most of the line was linens and linen like fibers. The line was directed to a more quiet, sedated clientele. The colors on the majority were muddy. And the patterns ranged from Icots to traditional paisley and toiles. They did add some surprises but on the whole it felt scattered and dare I say slightly mundane. Please don’t be upset with me Vervain as I still love your fabrics.

Colorful Icot

Here is a an example of one of the unexpected surprises from Vervain. I love the color in this fabrics. Big thumbs up for taking a traditional pattern like the Icot and adding bold, fun colors. I can’t wait to find the right use for this new fabric!

So in conclusion lots of new fabrics and something for everyone. Stroheim has confirmed that even though they have new owners they are still producing a truly Stroheim line. (I was really afraid that the Stroheim as we had known it was gone). S. Harris is looking towards non traditional avenues for inspiration and Vervain has come out with collection that has something for everyone.

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