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What Does a Designer Actually Do?

It always amazes me when I hear comments like “you don’t need a designer, just google it”. Or how about “I’m just as good as a designer”. Or one of my favorites “oh it won’t take you long, like what 10 minutes to just draw it out”. When I hear these kinds of comments I always think what other profession would you say those … Read More What Does a Designer Actually Do?

College Dorm Must Haves

It is that time of year. Kids are heading off to college, whether for the first time or the fourth time it is an emotional experience. So let’s talk about great ways to customize that plain white dorm room and make it a personal space. Go for great seating. Dorm rooms and college apartments are small but they still need to be comfortable. You … Read More College Dorm Must Haves

Global Inspiration

One of the biggest trends right now is the globally inspired space. This has come about with the letting go of traditional ideas that interior design must stay within styles and periods. Personally I have been preaching against this strict idea of what good design is for years. Good design is about the client who lives in or works in the space not what … Read More Global Inspiration

The Right Piece

There are many times that I am asked what piece must every room have. And yes there was a time in which it was true in design that there were specific layouts and pieces that were required in rooms to complete a style or design. Today, I don’t feel that this is really true. There are some guidelines that I tend to go by … Read More The Right Piece

The Latest Interior Design Trends and Styles

Interior Design and décor is a constant living breathing thing. And as I was attending a current trend lecture and line unveiling yesterday I was happily patted on the back to see the leaders in this industry say exactly what I have been saying for years. Interior design is about adding personal elements to the home, it is not about the designer. Now to … Read More The Latest Interior Design Trends and Styles

High Point Market – Showrooms to See

So we are now just days away from Furniture Fashion week so it is the time where we are planning on what vendors we will be seeing. Ok really most of the companies we have already booked our appointments with, so how about I give you a preview on a couple of the companies that we will be seeing at market. How about a … Read More High Point Market – Showrooms to See

Furniture Fashion Week, Why I Go

So it is just about that time again, furniture fashion week. That’s right those of us in the industry are getting ready to descend on the town of High Point, NC and shop until we drop. Ok so we may not be shopping all the time, but what we are doing is seeing all of the new trends and the up and coming designer … Read More Furniture Fashion Week, Why I Go

What Style is that?

I am asked on a regular basis to define a certain interior design style. I believe that this happens so much because many styles of design blend together and of course because us designers love to combine styles. So when I think about interior design styles there is of course the main ones that most people think of which are modern, contemporary, traditional, and … Read More What Style is that?

Fibs or Omissions? Why Your Interior Designer Needs that Information

When someone hires an interior designer they are usually after one thing – to have a space that looks good and functions properly for the user. This is what as designers we always look to achieve for our clients. Our number one goal is to make you happy. To really achieve this in the best manner possible we have to create a completely open … Read More Fibs or Omissions? Why Your Interior Designer Needs that Information

Balance is needed

As the school year begins I am reminded of how caught up in our lives we can become and that without our homes in balance it can create a chaos in the rest of our lives. So I thought I would talk about the principle of balance when it comes to interior design. Balance does not mean that everything has to be symmetrical. This … Read More Balance is needed

5 Things You Never Want to Hear From a “Designer” You are Looking to Hire

I have had some recent experiences that has led me to compile a list of things that you never want to hear a “designer” say. This is my attempt to help people understand the difference between a true designer and a “decorina” while having a laugh and saving you time and money. 1) I don’t need to measure anything I can eye it. If … Read More 5 Things You Never Want to Hear From a “Designer” You are Looking to Hire

Beach Living

It is full on summer and that means beach living. Maybe you live in a beach community or you vacation to a beach community either way it is all about sun and fun. The biggest request that comes out of everyone hanging out at the beach is the want for a beach living styled look at home. Here at Artful Conceptions we happen to … Read More Beach Living

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