I know every year I saw that I will blog more and let everyone know what we are up to. This year I seriously dropped off for way too long and I truly apologize. Reality is that there was no way to keep up with all that was going on design wise and keep a blog going. And as I spoke about before; self care needed to be on the top of my list so the blog totally got the chopping block. As did all of my writing so no new book was worked on this year either. But with all of that said I have to say that there have been some amazing projects worked on, new avenues of growth and a true happiness.

With all of the building growth there were many many design sessions this year. These are a few pictures of homes that were designed.

There were remodels everything from bathrooms to full house guts and redos.

There were paintings created for special spaces.

There were new construction homes finally completed.

There was lots and lots of waiting. Windows went to 25 weeks lead time. Furniture took over 20 weeks to make. Cabinets went from 4 weeks to 20 weeks. There were quarantines, and losses of vendor and craftsman. There was inflation and crazy price increases. There was lack of labor and installers. There were awesome and amazing clients and there was frustration and super creative thinking. Managing projects went from walking construction sites to being connected to a computer and phone searching for product and shipping options. The words, discontinued and unavailable were a daily occurrence and to have only one or two pieces in a project fall on that list was a cause for celebration. And yet through all of this it was one of the biggest years for almost everyone in the industry.

The biggest things that I took away from this year is to not take anything too seriously. Life is going to happen and we can either worry and fret about all of it constantly seeing the negative, or we can take a deep breath, do our best and try to leave work at work. The pandemic has taught us all that we cannot predict the future, so taking a moment to enjoy each and everyday is what life is really about. For me this means working on projects I love, taking me time, enjoying my family and not feeling guilty about taking vacation time to recharge.

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