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What Style is that?

I am asked on a regular basis to define a certain interior design style. I believe that this happens so much because many styles of design blend together and of course because us designers love to combine styles. So when I think about interior design styles there is of course the main ones that most people think of which are modern, contemporary, traditional, and … Read More What Style is that?

Fibs or Omissions? Why Your Interior Designer Needs that Information

When someone hires an interior designer they are usually after one thing – to have a space that looks good and functions properly for the user. This is what as designers we always look to achieve for our clients. Our number one goal is to make you happy. To really achieve this in the best manner possible we have to create a completely open … Read More Fibs or Omissions? Why Your Interior Designer Needs that Information

Balance is needed

As the school year begins I am reminded of how caught up in our lives we can become and that without our homes in balance it can create a chaos in the rest of our lives. So I thought I would talk about the principle of balance when it comes to interior design. Balance does not mean that everything has to be symmetrical. This … Read More Balance is needed

5 Things You Never Want to Hear From a “Designer” You are Looking to Hire

I have had some recent experiences that has led me to compile a list of things that you never want to hear a “designer” say. This is my attempt to help people understand the difference between a true designer and a “decorina” while having a laugh and saving you time and money. 1) I don’t need to measure anything I can eye it. If … Read More 5 Things You Never Want to Hear From a “Designer” You are Looking to Hire

Beach Living

It is full on summer and that means beach living. Maybe you live in a beach community or you vacation to a beach community either way it is all about sun and fun. The biggest request that comes out of everyone hanging out at the beach is the want for a beach living styled look at home. Here at Artful Conceptions we happen to … Read More Beach Living

Quick Tips to Freshen Your Home

There are many times in which your home needs a quick updating. This can be because you are looking to sell your home, you are having company or you are just plain tired of things. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to freshen up your home without major changes. 1) Change up your pillows. Find some great pattern pillows for your sofas and … Read More Quick Tips to Freshen Your Home

Lamps, Lamps and Lamps

One of the most important finishing touches to a room is the lighting and most in particular are the lamps. These pieces not only give you function but also they add style to the room. There are many materials that lamps can be made from. Each material gives a different feel to the space. First there is mercury glass. This is one of my … Read More Lamps, Lamps and Lamps

5 Rules for Your First Home

One day it happens you are realizing a dream and owning your first home. This is the time that you get to really do things how you want them, you don’t need to follow a landlords rules about paint color, you can have built ins, you can make changes that work for you and your lifestyle. It also means that without thoughtful planning there … Read More 5 Rules for Your First Home

Area Rug Construction and What it Means to You

I know I have written about area rug construction before but I thought I would do it again as it has been awhile. Area rugs are constructed in five main ways. These construction methods are hand knotted, hand tufted, hand hooked, hand woven, and machine made. I am not going to talk about machine made. The most desirable and valuable area rugs are hand … Read More Area Rug Construction and What it Means to You

The Perfectly Designed Space

The perfectly designed space is a line I use all the time and is also a term that I feel needs to be explained. What do I mean when I say this, well it incorporates all aspects of a space. The perfectly designed space can be your home, office, restaurant, gym or studio. To be the perfectly designed space it needs to work around … Read More The Perfectly Designed Space

Outdoor Living

It is coming to that time of year where the kids will be out of school and that means it is time to start living outdoors. So if the party is going to be outside that means that there needs to be an outdoor living room. When designing your outdoor living space there are a few important things to think about. First, how are … Read More Outdoor Living

High Point Spring Market 2014

First off I have to say that is was an insanely successful market. I found new brands that I love and was reminded way I love the lines that we carry. This market was definitely all about color. It was everywhere from traditional to contemporary, the neutral look is long gone! It was not only color but bright color. It was a feeling of … Read More High Point Spring Market 2014

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