Wallpaper has grown and changed over the years. The materials used are different, textures are gallore and they are like pieces of art. So I thought I would show you some of my favorites.

Art do your walls

Moroccan style

Watercolor design


Printed seagrass

Wall art

Seagrass with metallics

Elegant design

Style and texture

Wallpaper can be scary because there has been so much bad press about installation and removal. But here is the thing, what you can do with wallpaper you simply can’t do with paint, for a reasonable price. Look how these spaces just dazzle with wallpaper.

Old world meets new world

Tile mosaic wallpaper

Details details

Works of art

What amazing depth and style that these papers add! So when you want to transform your space think wallpaper. Want to see more? Check us out on ABC’s Morning Blend Tampa Bay Monday at 10am. And remember it’s not your Grandma’s wallpaper!

3 Comments on “Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper

  1. Sara, these are beautiful. I did have questions, in years past there has been a real love-hate relationship between wallcoverings (or maybe better defined as the adhesives used to apply wallcoverings) and Florida’s hot, humid climate…especially with vinyl wallcoverings. Has the industry been able to come up with a solution to this challenge?


    • Hi Cathy,

      Great question. Yes there has been a move to more natural papers that breathe with the walls especially in Florida. The same is also going on with the adhesives, as we more to more natural products there is a great deal less if any mold and mildew issues. There is a paste made from pure methyl cellulose that has no toxins and works really well. You do have to be aware of the coverage needed on heavy papers when using the natural products but I think they are well worth the extra attention.


  2. Thеre aгe mny styles tο select fгom ɑnd the thing is that
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