As may of you know, or maybe I haven’t shared it enough, I have written a book and it will be out this spring. So I thought I would give everyone here a preview of the book. I would love to hear your feedback and of course your reviews! So, here is the front and back cover of the book.


And here is an except from the beginning of the book:

The word home brings so many things to mind for most people. For some it is a goal of something to achieve, for others it is a state of mind, and for others it is a continual search. For me the word home represents all of those things. It is a place to be safe, a place where you can thrive and achieve anything that you want. Home is more than just a house, apartment, condo, mansion or any other term we use for a place to rest. Home is about creating a place that is more than just to rest or eat and sleep. Home is the combination of both location and state of mind. And for me the only way to create a home is to listen and understand my clients, to know their wants, needs and lifestyle so that I can create a place for them to thrive.

Interior design is about creating spaces from our client’s hopes, dreams, and needs with artistic strokes of balance and vision. It is art that is functional and envelopes the users. There has been for a longtime the thought that designers know more about what the client should want or like for their spaces. For all the years that I have been designing I have disagreed with this philosophy. I have always felt that my job as a designer was to listen to my clients about what they want, like, and dream about; to create a design based on those things while educating the client on how to incorporate their ideas with balance and vision. Design is not about the client being told what should go in their home or workspace. Design is about using our knowledge and education about principles and materials to create the space of their dreams.

Are you excited? Do you want to read more? Do you want to be a part of my review team and get an early digital copy? If you are selected to participate you will get an early preview and will be asked to post reviews of the book. If this sounds like something you want to participate in, email me your information and why you think you will be a great team member.

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