In January there is such a huge push for the new year new you, but by the time we get to February there is a tendency to have fallen behind in all the things that you were going to do. So let’s look at updating your home in small bits, little things that will make a huge impact. One of those areas is lighting. The right lighting will be like a facelift for your home. There are many places where you can update your lighting.

The first are your hanging fixtures. Maybe you still have the builders fixtures in your home. Maybe you selected lights when you first moved in but haven’t thought about changing them in years. Maybe you still have the capped plate at the box where a chandelier is supposed to be hanging. Here are some great newly released hanging lights that will update your home.01193-default 07951 08367 06228 06923 07661 08539 08545 (2)

How fun are these lights? There are lights for every flavor and many, many more whether you are contemporary, traditional or transitional there are the right hanging lights for every home.

Do you have places where you were going to hang sconces but never got around to it? Or maybe you have a room that could use more light but are not sure where to get it from. Sconces can be a great place to add more light and change the feeling of the room. Here are some new sconces that would really change the design of the space.

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Can you see your room changing?

The last area where lighting will change the design of the room are in your table lamps. There are many different styles and compositions of table lamps. So no matter what you love there are great options. Here are some of the new lamps that have been released recently.

07866-default 08520-default 08527-default 07745-default 08524-default 07978-default 08505-default Are you updating your home in your mind? Can you see how little changes will make a big impact? Start small, work on one thing at a time and you will see your resolution of updating your home start to come into realization.


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