I have recently had the pleasure to be filmed for national TV for NBC’s Daytime TV Show. It was quite and experience. It always seems like it is such an easy simple thing but the reality is there is a Greta deal that goes into filming a spot for TV. First to achieve what looks natural on camera actually takes hours and a Tom more makeup and styling than you ever do for everyday. So I thought I would share some of the process for you to see the hours of prep and filming that goes into a three minute spot.

First here are some great shot that Sweet Rose Photography took of the hair and makeup prep before filming.

SaraChiarilli-2476 SaraChiarilli-2494 SaraChiarilli-2504 SaraChiarilli-2572

The team from Tangle Me Knot did a great job. The process started at 8am to be ready for taping to start at 10am.

There was the outfit checks and getting all mic’d up for the taping.

SaraChiarilli-2523 SaraChiarilli-2491 SaraChiarilli-2588

Then there was making sure that everything was perfect in the showroom for filming.

SaraChiarilli-2501 SaraChiarilli-2676 SaraChiarilli-2693

We then needed to walk through the showroom and go over the angles and areas to be filmed along with what we were going to talk about.

SaraChiarilli-2600 SaraChiarilli-2647 SaraChiarilli-2653 SaraChiarilli-2652

Then comes the actual filming and having fun!

SaraChiarilli-2595 SaraChiarilli-2619 SaraChiarilli-2631 SaraChiarilli-2635 SaraChiarilli-2637 SaraChiarilli-2644 SaraChiarilli-2663 SaraChiarilli-2660

So after a day of it all the tape goes to editing. Intros and exited are filmed and it turns into a three minute segment. Want to see the final version? Check it out on the website http://www.artfulconceptions.net

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