So it is just about that time again, furniture fashion week. That’s right those of us in the industry are getting ready to descend on the town of High Point, NC and shop until we drop. Ok so we may not be shopping all the time, but what we are doing is seeing all of the new trends and the up and coming designer and companies. We are also going to seminars about how we can be better designer, business people and companies. We are finding out about the newest software to make our lives easier and how to make our clients lives better. But during all of that we definitely have some fun and certainly don’t sleep. It means long days, usually at the first showroom by 8am and working until 8-9pm. We are shopping for clients, showrooms, new vendors and just to keep up with the newest ideas. It is super fasted paced and it is all set in this great town that is the perfect mix of old and new. I say that because you may be in a hundred year old building at 9am and then in a brand new skyscraper in the afternoon and in the courtyard in the evening for wine, cheese and day end review. So how about a little peek into markets past? Here are some pictures of the fantastic buildings and showrooms that can be found at market. And yes this is just a very small slice into what happens at market.


















Are you as excited as I am for market? Keep checking in for updates on market as it is happening and my favorites from the show. Market will be from April 18-23, 2015. Almost time!

1 Comment on “Furniture Fashion Week, Why I Go

  1. Sara makes Market Week sound like fun, fun, fun. It is however, when done
    right (as Sara does) the hardest week of the year. Long, long hours with never
    enough time to see it all. Your head will be full and your feet will hurt. For your clients it is invaluable. Thanks Sara, it takes a real pro to take the time,
    spend the money and keep right up to date on what is happening in the world
    of furniture and design.


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