One area that gets overlooked all the time when design homes or redesigning them Are the closets and pantries. For some reason there is this idea that just adding shelves and rods makes a closet or pantry workable. Reality is that good interior design focuses on all aspects and that includes the function of the closets and pantries. For me I speak with the client and determine the way that they need the space to function. If they only ever have a few pieces that need long hanging then we only devote a small portion of their closet to long hanging. If they would like to get rid of their dresser and have all of their clothes in the closet we create dressers in the closet.

Wood closet solutions

Wood closet solutions

Wire shelving solutions

Wire shelving solutions

For Pantries think about things like what needs to be kept in the pantry and the access needed. Do you need can holders and bread drawers? Do you keep lots of cereal or bulk items in your pantry? Are you storing just food or does it need to also be able to incorporate paper goods? All of the uses are important to know when designing for clients and to ask yourself when working on your home.

A reach in pantry with baskets and shelves.

A reach in pantry with baskets and shelves.

So don’t forget those closets and pantries when you are working on your home
they are just as important to your home functioning correctly as the family room.

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