One of the best ways to make a house a home is to properly accessorize it. This sounds simple and it can be but there are a few rules that I feel should always be followed when accessorizing.

First, keep it simple. Accessorizing is not about using every item that you have ever owned all at one time. You don’t ever want the space to feel cluttered. You want to highlight the space not overwhelm it.

Second, work in groups of three. A space needs balance and weight. When you have only one accessory in a space it can feel like it is floating and too small for the space. However when you group accessories together you give them weight and balance.

Third, use combinations of different accessories together to create your grouping. Groupings should be made up of things like vases, candles, paintings, mirrors, and floral arrangements. Make sure each grouping has at least two of the categories represented.

Fourth, use your imagination. Just because a certain painting has always hung over a certain table doesn’t mean there isn’t a better space for it. Paintings and mirrors do not have to hang on walls, they can be set on a ledge or leaned against a wall. Vases do not have to only hold flowers and plant shelves don’t need to only hold plants. Have fun!

Here are some accessory arrangements for you to use and make your own.

Oppolo 003

Oppolo 005

accessory pic

alvarado 001

alvarado 013








Still not sure how to make the rules work for you? Let us come and help. We can bring out a truck load of accessories and artwork and create the space of your dreams.

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