There are a few mistakes that I see over and over again in home design. The first biggest mistake that I see on a regular basis is an area rug that is just too small for the space. Area rugs should encompass the seating area. This means that they should be under the furniture. They are not a coaster for your cocktail table. If the front legs of all of your furniture are not on the area rug it is too small. If it is in a dining room and when you pull the chair out and the chair ends up off the rug it is too small. Basic numbers for a family of living room the area rug should be about 8×10/8×11 in size. For a dining room the rug should be no smaller than 8×11 and in most likelihood should be around 9×13.

The second big mistake is hanging painting too high. If you have to look up to see the center of the painting it is too high!

The third mistake is not having a plan. A home does not come together by getting a bunch of things and praying that they work together. Know how you want to see the space and then makes notes as to the kinds of pieces you will need to have it function in that manner.

And lastly the big mistake is not hiring a designer for at least a consultation to help with putting your plan together. The big fear is that having a designer is going to cost money but the reality is that not having that designer is going to cost a great deal more in mistakes and lack of function. If you have ever brought home pieces and then realized that they didn’t fit and the color was wrong you know what I am talking about. And the time alone to have to return those items more than covers the cost of a consultation.

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