I get asked all the time what can I do to make my home feel more complete. This is usually followed by I don’t have a lot of money to spend and I want to do it on my own. So I thought I would put together some basic things that any home owner can do on their own to refresh their space.

First get rid of the white walls! The biggest transformation you can give your home is to change the wall color. And if you are trying to complete a home and all the walls are white you will never feel complete. Now this does not mean that all the walls need to be different colors, or that every room needs to be different it just means get some color going. So I know the next question how do I pick the right color? Most people who have lived with white walls for more than a year it is usually because they are renting or they are just plan afraid to make a mistake. First if you are renting make sure you get the landlords approval before you paint. Second if you are really afraid of making a mistake consult and interior designer. Most of us will do a simply color consultation for a small set fee that is a whole lot less that making a mistake. Ok so if you think you can make the decision on your own it is time to look around your space. What color is your furniture? What color are the majority of your artwork and area rugs? How about your throw pillows? In most likelihood you have already made it clear what colors you like and don’t like. So find the color you see the most and select a shade of that color for your walls. If you are nervous start with a muted shade or just ask the person mixing the paint to do it at a 50% saturation.

Style through adding color to the walls

Style through adding color to the walls

Second major thing you can do to make you home feel more complete decorate your plant shelves, tops of bookcases, cabinets, armoires, entertainments centers etc. Having them bare makes them feel incomplete. This does not mean that every single square inch needs to be covered but at least a small grouping on top of each will make the space feel more homey.

Third have ways to de-clutter quickly and easily. This can be baskets that toys are put in, tables that open for magazine storage, benches with shoe storage, and hooks for hanging coats sweaters and bags. Nothing makes a space feel more unfinished than having clutter everywhere with no place to put it. And the best part is these items can be decorative in nature but give you great function.

A great way to hide shoes and other items.

A great way to hide shoes and other items.

And lastly have great lighting. The right lighting can make the biggest difference in the world for any space. Get rid of the typical builder lighting and find pieces that fit your personality. This is a great way to change the feeling and give a unique touch to your space.

Great unique entry lighting

Great unique entry lighting

So get to it and start loving the space you are in!

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