As an interior designer I am constantly working to try to read people’s minds to know what they want. To get to know how they live so that I can create a home or workspace based on them. And one of the questions that I am constantly asked is what is my style. I usually answer in a playful dodge that my style really doesn’t matter since I am not living/working in their space. But as the question gets asked over and over again I have begun to think about it. And here is the conclusion that I have come to – I love all styles. Impossible you say you must have a favorite. But the reality is that I so appreciate the craftmanship and work that goes into the different pieces that I simply cannot say I am contemporary or traditional or eclectic. I am all of it and I think that it is what allows me to work so well with all different clients and styles.

I love to see the work that goes into a hand-knotted rug. And where is can be a beautiful traditional antique one that makes me scream with joy at the fantastic find. It can be 30 minutes later and a fabulous woven fluffy fabric shag rug is making me melt.

Handknotted Area Rugs

Shag rug made from left over fabrics

Both of these rugs are fabulous to me. They both have the right place for them. And yet there are many times that I love to push the envelope. I love to put an antique area rug into a more modern feeling space so that you see the unexpected. Also these beautiful rugs have been around through all different trends and they still have lasted sometimes they are the perfect reality check. And then to change things up in a traditional home it is great to add these more contemporary touches like the fabric shag rug for that twist. It creates a WOW because it is so unexpected. In a traditional home I would do this in the family or game room to give the space that homey feel. One of my true loves (besides everything design oriented) is furniture. I love the way that it is constructed, and thought about. I love that by changing a finish or fabric you change the feel completely. I love a deep-seated low back tufted squared armed sectional just as much as I love a high-backed wing chair with hand carved turned legs. Each piece is a design from an artisan that thought about how people would use it, sit in it, put their feet on it, or eat at it. It is functional art!

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