Just a couple weeks away now and it seems as though everything is centered around market, That means it is about setting appointments with the different companies that you already have accounts with to see their new products. Finding new companies that you want to see their products in person. And the all important hoping that you will find those items that you know will be the next big thing and hoping that you and only you tie it up for your area. It is about fashion and design, negotiating the best terms you can and getting product that no one else has or seen. It is about finding those great unique pieces that set a room off that make everyone stop and stare in amazement. It is about surprising your clients with new ideas and it is about having a great time networking with your friends and competitors.

These are the companies that I know I will be visiting:

ImageImageImageImage If you haven’t seen their products, they are fantastic. Canadel makes beautiful dining room furniture, Chandra has beautiful stylist area rugs at great prices, Stanley is a staple in American furniture, and Younger has a great look for contemporary upholstery. Last time I was at market my two big finds were Wunderly and Bramble Co.

Wunderly has these amazing moroccan inspired pieces that add an element of surprise to any room.ImageImage And Bramble Co has this great ability to put together both traditional and french country and allow for any piece to be any color.

Image So the question is what will I find this year? What will be the newest and hottest trend? Will that trend catch on and become a staple or will it fade faster than it came in? Will we select the right new companies to bring on? Will our clients love all the new styles and ideas? The answers will be determined in a few weeks. Check back for all the updates on Furniture Fashion Week!

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