Have you ever looked around your room and wondered why it doesn’t seem finished? It probably is just missing one small finishing touch. If it’s a kitchen it could be the wall color. In your bathroom it could be the backsplash. In your dining room it may just be the right center piece. So how do you know if it is just that one finishing touch or more that is needed to complete the room? Well here are some simple questions to ask yourself. Do the walls add a nice contrast to the cabinets and furnishings? Do you see wall between your counter and cabinets? Is the tops of your cocktail or dining table bare? Are your windows naked? These are all signs that there are some simple finishing touches needed.

Adding a decorative tile to the backsplash of your kitchen or bathroom will take the room from blah to fabulous. If this is the area where your room is lacking you want to look for a tile that will highlight your style (contemporary, traditional, transitional) and make your cabinets and counters pop. Right now glass tiles are really popular along with combination mosaics. For instance metals mixed with stone and glass create a real wow factor.

If your furniture could fall into your wall then you need a new paint color on that wall. In this case you want to make sure that you stay with either the warm or cool colors that you already have in your room. To give a real drastic change yu can take the darkest shade that you have in the room and put that on the walls. So if your furniture is cream with chocolate-brown pillows you would use that chocolate-brown. For a more subdued change you can take the main color from the room and use a light version of it on the walls. So if you have navy blue as your main color you could select a sky blue in the same tone.

And the last easy finishing touch is to add a floral arrangement to your cocktail or dining table. I prefer to use either fresh flowers or really high quality silk arrangements. The fresh flowers give you the option to change out the flowers with seasons. While the silk arrangements will always stay beautiful even if you can’t remember to maintain them. But please if you are going to go with a silk arrangement please make sure that it looks real there is nothing worse than that floral arrangement that looks like plastic.

So try these simple tips to add that finishing touch to your room. And remember that if you realize that you are needing more than a simple update an interior design will help you make sure that you are getting the look you want without the costly mistakes.

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