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Scale and Balance

One of the most important concepts in interior design is scale and balance. Scale is more than just size. Scale is about proportion. The weight that objects hold in a room. Balance is about making sure that the scales of all the pieces in a space are properly connected to each other. In interior design we play with that scale and balance to create … Read More Scale and Balance

Wesley Hall – A favorite for Upholstery

To continue with giving you a deeper view of the lines that we carry at Artful Conceptions here is a look at Wesley Hall. This has become my go to for upholstery. I first found them at High Point market when one of the furniture reps I had known for years suggested that I look at them. When I walked into the showroom in … Read More Wesley Hall – A favorite for Upholstery

Surya – One of My Favorite Lines

I thought that I would give everyone a little insight into some of the vendors that we carry at Artful Conceptions. Every line that we carry at Artful Conceptions I hand pick. When I go through the process of selecting lines to carry at Artful Conceptions my first requirement is that I am completely Wowed with the product. To wow me it has to … Read More Surya – One of My Favorite Lines

Must Haves for Every Home

There are a few things that I feel every room or home must have. These are items that tie rooms together, or are just so great and multifunctional they are a must have. My first must have are pouf ottomans. I am in love with these items. They can be moved to many different places in the room and can be used as both … Read More Must Haves for Every Home

Summertime Design

So it is officially summer. That means that the kids are out of school and a time for a little relaxation. In my world it also means a time for a refresher and new accents that makes me smile when I walk in the door. My philosophy even if I can’t be at the beach everyday in the summer I want to have that … Read More Summertime Design

Design Basics

I get asked all the time what can I do to make my home feel more complete. This is usually followed by I don’t have a lot of money to spend and I want to do it on my own. So I thought I would put together some basic things that any home owner can do on their own to refresh their space. First … Read More Design Basics

High Point Market Preview

It’s that time of year again where the design and furnishing industry converge on High Point NC to show off the Spring lines. It is the coming of Furniture Fashion Week. So I thought I would give a preview of the things that I am already completely in love with. For Rugs: Casegoods: Upholstry: Accessories: Spring blooms by NDI[/caption Are you excited yet? We … Read More High Point Market Preview

Design and Trends

I have people ask me all the time so what is the hot thing in design. And then I think they really don’t want to know what the newest, hottest thing is they just want to know that what they like is ok. So I am going to say this: interior design is about the home owner, the business owner, the end user. Just … Read More Design and Trends

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